BR is a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, New York. BR (Beyond Recognition) has developed a cool, energetic and focused style over his years working both with other groups and on his own. BR put together TIMEBOMB, a seven-piece band, in 2002. BR and TIMEBOMB have performed at a number of venues in and around New York City, including Studio 54, Webster Hall, Union Square Park, the Bell House and The Apollo Theater; and have ventured out of NYC to new audiences in New Jersey, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and Oberlin College in Ohio.

TIMEBOMB features Olivia Martinez (violin/viola), Jibrail Nor (drums), Shanelle D. Jenkins (trumpet), Karnage (lead guitar) and Stacy Beatty, Jr. (bass). These talented musicians have experience with a wide range of musical styles. Timebomb combines R&B, rock, reggae, funk, Soul, jazz, classical and pop to create music that is strictly hip-hop. Fans of the band have compared BR and Timebomb to OutKast, The Roots, and Earth, Wind & Fire. BR and Timebomb is a unique combination of their greatest influences.

BR and TIMEBOMB recently released their second EP, "Time Is Now," and also have a full length album, “Believe In Something (Greater Than Yourself),” available on iTunes, CDBaby and several other websites. They are currently composing new music, as well as performing throughout New York City and along the East Coast.

For booking information, please contact Jibrail Nor:
jibrailnor [at] gmail [dot] com

BR BR started rapping at age 14 with a group of friends from school. Over the next few years, they evolved into the rap group Higher Circle. They performed for several years and released the album Renaissance in 1999. In 2001, BR went out on his own and developed a different style. He spent time writing, performing and collaborating with different producers before assembling the band TIMEBOMB in 2002. Since then, they have strived to create music that is both original and accessible.
Jibrail Jibrail Nor has played drums since the age of 4, studying under friends of his parents such as Andre Strobert and Charli Persip. He met Stacy Beatty, Jr. and Shanelle Jenkins of Timebomb in high school, where they performed together in the jazz band and competed against each other in school-wide musical competitions. Jibrail went to Oberlin College, majoring in Politics but also studying small jazz ensemble performance, steel pan and West African hand percussion. In addition to BR and Timebomb, Jibrail has and continues to perform with several other bands around New York City (Youngbloods Jazz Quartet, Onliest, JoBlack Sekou & Bolomba Stylee, Ganessa James Trio, L'una Soul, etc.).
Stacy Stacy Beatty, Jr. was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY listening to all genres of music but mainly old school jazz, disco and funk. He was first taught to play music on a keyboard by his uncles, mimicking bass lines he heard in Motown songs and movie scores. In Junior High School he started playing with a band, but chose the trumpet when the bass was given to another student. At the age of 13 he received his first bass guitar and in 1993, joined the orchestra at Midwood High School. Two years later Shanelle Jenkins asked him to be part of the Junior Sing band (a musical competition between grades). After Sing, Shanelle referred Stacy to the jazz band teacher, Mario Ford. He met Jibrail Nor while playing in this band. The three performed together both in Midwood and outside of school with a funk band Shanelle put together called Funky Vibrations, until they went to separate colleges. In 1999 Stacy was part of a gospel band at Pace University for a few performances until he transferred to NYIT in 1999. Stacy was part of an R&B/Spoken word band called Jc-One from 2001 to 2002 that performed in a few clubs in Manhattan. In 2002, BR contacted Stacy about joining a hip-hop band he was putting together. Stacy was excited about the chance to reconnect and perform again with his high school friends and joined without hesitation. Shortly after joining BR & TIMEBOMB, Stacy was introduced to the New Amsterdam Musical Association and later became a member, thanks to Shanelle. He is still a member to this day.



Shanelle D. Jenkins is an accomplished musician from Brooklyn, New York. Performing since the tender age of 4, Shanelle has made quite a name for herself as a powerful, dynamic and versatile trumpet player and occasional vocalist. She credits her musical development to the Lord, David Brandon, Marc Golden, Mario Ford, John E. Johnson and Genghis Nor, a skilled jazz trumpeter, composer and former soloist for Frank Foster, Bill Barron and Charli Persip’s Supersound band, and father of bandmates BR and Jibrail. Since her return to New York City from Oberlin College, she has performed at many popular venues and special events like Symphony Space, the Blue Note, Bam Café, Russell Simmons’ Poetry Slam at Riverside Church and Harlem Summerstage. She has also enjoyed television exposure on Fox 5’s “Good Day, New York” and shared the stage with many notable musicians, including Steve Turre, Wycliffe Gordon, Donald Smith, Simone and Bobbi Humphrey. Shanelle is diligently shaping what promises to be a long and illustrious career, and is honored to be a founding member of BR and Timebomb.

Karnage Kyle Eaddy, aka Karnage was born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx, NY. He began playing guitar and rapping at age 14 out of a love for heavy metal and hip-hop. His first musical venture was in a rap group at Purchase College at age 18. Three years later, he and two friends formed a punk/rap/metal trio called Shakuan. They played all around New York City & the tri-state area before disbanding in 2007. Karnage became the guitarist of BR & Timebomb in 2008.
Olivia Olivia Martinez first started violin at a young age. She trained learning violin and viola with a classical background. At the age of 16 she was awarded to be the first Discovery Artist through the Children's Orchestra Society to perform as a soloist at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center. Olivia then went on to complete her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Continuing her musical education she then went to complete her Masters in Music Performance at Mannes College of Music, in New York. After graduating she played with various classical orchestras and chamber groups within the New York area. Olivia currently teaches within two music schools in the Manhattan and Long Island area. Throughout her time performing classically she has branched out to other venues performing with groups such as the Youngbloods Jazz Ensemble, associated with the New Amsterdam Music Association in Harlem. She also recorded and performed with SiSe, a Latin/rock band, on their first album, as well as working and recording with various artists and producers in hip-hop, pop, etc. Growing up Olivia had a love for different styles of music such as salsa, hip-hop & reggae. For the past couple of years her style within BR & Timebomb has created a unique resonance and has branched out of the typical sound of a classical instrument. Influenced by these different genres, Olivia adds a classical melodic twist to hip-hop, creating a unique sound for BR & Timebomb.

All photos courtesy of Philip A. Smith